Port Kembla Golf Club

Course Stories

  Thanks to the hard work of the greens team, lead by Matt Kennedy, the course is looking better than ever!

why the course is looking better than ever:

Drought Proofing The Port kembla Golf Course

In Winter 2017 the club embarked on a drought proofing project to obtain more water for irrigation purposes.
Previous to this fairways would dry out and struggle to survive during the warmer months of the year (see photo) 5th FWY Before.

Drought-proofing the course
The club has successfully drought proofed the course by delivering a staged water management project. This has enabled the club to draw water from a new area of the site to supply the irrigation requirements of the golf course.
This included:
  • Pump and valve modifications, also installation of pump platforms providing safe access for maintenance. 
  • Major infrastructure works including the Installation of large pipes and diversion valves allowing water to gravity feed back to the pump station site. 
  • Installation of an irrigation injection system to treat poor water for improved quality and infiltration, creating more effective and efficient use of the water supply. 
This has resulted in the capture of an extra megalitre of water every two days enabling all fairways to be irrigated with the new water supply. This has dramatically improved the standard, playability and aesthetics of the golf course, particularly in the dry periods when fairways would previously struggle to maintain a surface.
This has been the driest season for a long long time, and in previous years the golf course would look like straw.
The golf course at present is in outstanding condition as a result from the drought proofing infrastructure installation and the hard work of the golf course staff.